Kearns Party of 2: A Few Favorite Moments

Our first dance was to “Swept Away” by The Avett Brothers, and it was beautiful! I am so thankful that my Mr. spent so much time curating our wedding playlist from ceremony to final song.
No practice necessary for me and my sweet daddy! It was obvious we were having a blast on the dance floor to “Sweet Pea” by Amos Lee.
Ryan discovered the band Mighty Oaks just a few weeks before our big day, and “When I Dream I See” was the perfect song for him and his mom to share as their special dance.
The food was delicious, but we all know I have a serious sweet tooth, so I couldn’t wait to cut the cake. We actually decided on various flavors of double-layer cakes with textured icing from Lowe’s Foods, and they are literally the best cakes I have ever had to date.
Our friend Brett getting the party started with the train. Never did I expect to have this going at my wedding, but it was a blast!
The dance floor was huge–perfect for slow dancing couples and gettin’ down with my girls!

This was a fun idea that our incredible photographers brought to us that night, and I am SO glad we did this! Although not everyone was captured here since a few had to head out right after the ceremony, this is such a sweet picture of most of our nearest and dearest loved ones!

Nothing like having mini models at our wedding–how handsome is he?!

Things slowed down towards the end (although I was certainly not ready to leave by the time our scheduled exit rolled around), and I love these sweet captured moments.

Hours upon hours of hand-cutting gold biodegradable confetti was worth it with these fun shots!
All photography by Joy Davis Photography



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