Natural Beginnings

The very first morning I found out I was pregnant I made our first appointment with my gynecologist–before I even told the Mr. that we were expecting! Before that moment, I had never really considered an “alternative” birth, but soon after I made that appointment I had a feeling of slight unrest. When possible, we choose to eat organic, we avoid unnecessary medications, and are interested in a more natural approach to overall well-being. Why would I want my pregnancy and delivery to be anything different?

A friend of mine had recently shared her birth story and experience at Natural Beginnings, a birth center, near where we live. And all of a sudden I knew that this was the type of place where I wanted to bring our baby into the world.

Ryan was a little apprehensive at first, but I did my research and made an appointment to tour the center. Ryan and I came up with nearly two pages worth of questions for them. While on our tour, I couldn’t help but envision my pregnancy care and delivery taking place surrounded by a team of women that had the same goal in mind–to deliver a healthy baby naturally. Everyone was so friendly, and each question we had was answered confidently and positively. As soon as we left, we both knew that Natural Beginnings Birth and Wellness Center was just right for us!

This is the family room where our parents waited on Raleigh’s arrival!

I realize that you can have a successful natural birth at a hospital, even without midwives. But we felt like the environment at the center was ideal for us. After doing my research (and yes, reading the scary stories that are out there about both medicated and unmedicated births!), I knew that I wanted to labor with the help of my Mr. with as much freedom as possible. And I wanted to feel like my goals and preferences for labor and delivery were important to everyone involved.

I wasn’t totally sure what I was signing up for. I had never been pregnant before, and I had no idea what to expect. But I had a team of incredibly knowledgeable professionals to encourage and support us for nine solid months plus postpartum.

This is the room and the birthing tub at Natural Beginnings that I delivered Raleigh Parker in!

Delivering at a birthing center can be a liberating and peaceful experience since you have the freedom to labor and deliver in ways that work best for you. Now that I have actually had our baby boy, I can’t wait to share how amazing our experience was from start to finish (birth story coming soon!).

Here are a couple helpful blog posts if you are considering a birthing center or just curious! 1 / 2 / 3
Please know that I don’t think there is any shame in the choices you made or are making for your delivery–whether it was at home, in a hospital, completely natural, or with every intervention available. As mamas and soon-to-be mamas we make the best decisions possible for our families, and I completely respect that. Please also know that hospitals can provide wonderful experiences as well, and I personally know of many happy birth stories (including natural ones!) that came from a hospital setting.

Photos from Natural Beginnings’ Facebook page


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