Simply Wood Rings

I have been beyond excited to share this post with my lovely readers! Now that we are married (saying this still makes me all giggly and smiley!) and my Mr. has seen and fallen in love with his ring, I can share it with everyone.
As you may have gathered along the way, the Mr. and I are really into being eco-conscious and green–with a love for God’s earth and the amazing plants and trees He has given us. Our wedding celebration in June will be a reflection of this, and Ryan’s wedding band is also the epitome of our philosophies.
Ryan and I met when I was interning at Tanglewood Park a couple summers ago. He had been there for years and I was just beginning my career journey with the parks system. In March 2013 a famous and special White Oak fell at Tanglewood Park. Ryan had worked with this tree for years and many couples had even gotten married under it and it was so nicknamed the “Wedding Tree”.
We were able to get a bit of wood from the tree for keepsake and Ryan had the neat idea of having his wedding band made out of the wood after exploring the internet and discovering Simply Wood Rings. After getting in touch with the company and working a couple months with Allison, a ring design was produced. We received the ring merely two days before our little ceremony, and it was perfect!
Not only did we have the ring made out of the White Oak, but we had two inlays added–one stripe is quartz and gneiss rock that was used back in the day to strengthen the trunk of the tree in cement; the other stripe is crushed walnut shells from the state champion Black Walnut tree also at Tanglewood Park (still standing, though!) along with melted copper shavings from lightning protection nails left on the White Oak.
So there’s our little story–needless to say the ring is incredibly special to us and I was surprisingly moved when I first saw the pictures Allison sent. It is a completely unique and personal ring packed with meaning and love.
Photography by Simply Wood Rings

If you’re looking for an alternative option for your wedding bands, engagement ring, or even just a special ring for yourself or a loved one, then the Mr. and I both highly, highly recommend Simply Wood Rings! The customer service was phenomenal, especially considering my hundreds of e-mails and questions along with our tight timeframe, and the ring is even more beautiful than we could have expected!
Note: This is not a sponsored blog post.

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