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Amara Organic Foods

Life with littles brings incredible joy. It’s also challenging and busy. But finding healthy foods for your babes simply does not have to be. While we chose to do “baby led weaning” for both of our boys, it is so nice to have easy meals and snacks ready for us when we’re on the go. But quality and healthy, organic options don’t have to be compromised – that’s why I was so thankful to discover Amara Organic Foods!
I followed the Potato Kale Pancakes recipe on the Amara website, and it was!
With a few, simple ingredients like egg, milk, coconut oil, and a pinch of sea salt, these were ready in no time.
And these pancakes were an instant hit! Oliver didn’t waste any time chowing down, and we had several left over that we refrigerated for easy meals later on!
We are big fans of Amara Organic Foods, and can’t wait to try a few more options! For ideas on how to incorporate these into BLW, check the blog here!
Thank you to Amara Organic Foods for partnering with us and sending us the Potato Kale Mash samples to enjoy!